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Partnered With Arc

Join The JSM Masterclass Experience and become a job-ready developer landing a remote job in as little as 14 days with Arc.dev


How will Arc help you land your dream job?

Arc is where top developers find great permanent roles at fast-growth tech companies and startups

When you join the JSM Masterclass Experience, you'll develop the skills, strategies, and techniques that aren’t taught in any theory-based courses. Then, Arc will provide personalized support to land your next remote job.


Join JSM Masterclass Experience and become job-ready


Arc will help you stand out across borders to secure remote positions


Skip job applications and speak directly to hiring managers


Receive multiple offers in as little as 2 weeks

What does the procees look like?

Step 1

Join The JSM Masterclass Experience

The masterclass will teach you how to work on complex projects in a group setting so that you can code with confidence - plus, you’ll have the opportunity to have your code reviewed by expert coaches. You’ll emerge with a plethora of skills and project-based experience to show for it!

Step 2

Optimize Your Portfolio and LinkedIn Profile

With new projects to add to your portfolio and LinkedIn profile, you’ll be positioned as the expert that employers and clients are looking for. You’ll also get feedback on your portfolio to ensure that you present the best front possible to land the job you want.

Step 3

Gain experience with Group Projects

Group projects will teach you far more than any theory-based training, and employers are looking for programmers who can work efficiently without needing to be supervised. Showcase your ability to work collaboratively with others and you’ll be on track to secure high income with the responsibility to match.

Step 4

Become a Top Performer and Take Advantage of Remote Job Offers

With your new skills and project experience, you’ll be well positioned for employers to come knocking on your door. When they do, you’ll have your pick of the crop!

Step 5

Sign Up and Complete the Vetting Process to Receive Interview Offers

When you use Arc, your profile is featured to companies and, they apply to you by inviting you to interview with them. Using the skills obtained in The JSM Masterclass Experience, you’ll be ready to excel in your interviews and LAND YOUR DREAM PROGRAMMING JOB!


Take It From Our Students Who Are Successfully Employed!

Our students have excelled in their job search and secured positions at top companies with high pay, great benefits, and attractive perks. You could be next!


Don’t Forget...Your Results Are Guaranteed!

I Will Personally Guarantee Your Results or Your Money Back

That's right — students of The Enlightened Engineer are guaranteed to get a job within six months of program completion or I will refund them in full. That is how confident I am that this program will advance your career and help you obtain gainful, lucrative employment. This is only offered with The Enlightened Engineer masterclass.

Students of The Confident Coder masterclass will receive a 14-day money-back guarantee, meaning that if you change your mind for any reason within 14 days of your purchase, you'll receive a full refund, zero questions asked.






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